Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cape Vidal Shark Attack

Yesterday I saw the headline about a shark attack and learned a spearo was bitten on the leg by a zambezi shark. Later I found that Warren Smart died of bloodloss from the bite.

My condolences to those Warren leaves behind.

It is quite a shock when you hear of it, especially having dived there quite a bit. I am at present rather too complacent when spearing a fish and often forget all about sharks, especially now as we enter winter and sharks thin out in PE.

I remember Koos Jordaan bellowing at aggressive Zambezis last year at Cape Vidal when he had a wahoo on his spear. They were quite problematic then - circling all around in the distance and advancing when a fish was speared.

I have never used a shark pod as I deemed there to be no urgent use but in recent years I have begun thinking more and more of using one. A great white was seen recently at Bushy Park - yet another!

Warren had a blog site for Zululand spearfishing (http://zululandspearfishing.blogspot.com/) that was a  contribution to the sport, especially to those in the far off Cape.
In closing I must say that it is really sad to loose a spearo.

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