Monday, May 16, 2011

Mistakes while spearfishing

Yesterday I made a few mistakes - perhaps I was a bit too tired from the party the night before. Got to be at 2 or 2:30 am.
1. Slept through my alarm - only woke up whe Mark arrived at my house.
2. Dived too light and I was manhandled by surge - not able to stay down when I needed to to try lure in a cracker.
3. Dived down and saw a big school of bonnies - small bonito - careful aim - spined one great shot! Then I looked down as I swam up - a wall of tail were below with fish up to 15 kg!!! And I had a stamp on my spear!
4. Deep dive to almost 30 m - ~12 kg tail comes in and I take a shot - did not spine him. The fish sped off down the pinnacle and reefed my line up at 38m under a low overhang. Now I got to test my fitness training - it worked - I did two clean-up dives to retrieve my empty spear and coped just fine, despite having done a hard 6 km run the afternoon before. I did take 4-5 min rests between to ensure complete reoxygenation.
I am happy with my training results and will work more a deep dives over the next month or two. Follow my training on Twitter if you like. Click here.

Despite the blunders I had a nice dive in clean water - up to 15 m viz and 18 deg C. Had dolphins entertaining me with their squeaks and clicks for a minute or two as well.

Unfortunately my camera is zooming in from a depth of about 8-10 m repeatedly - I suspect the pressure may be triggering the outward zoom - MAINTENANCE!

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