Friday, May 27, 2011

Saiccor petition

Saiccor effluent wipes out the viz south of the effluent pipe when a north current runs and vice versa. Aliwal shoal is now a Marine Reserve - should companies still be allowed to dump their effluent in the sea, close inshore?
I dived in this 2-3 m viz from the effluent pipe and certianly complained loudly back in the nineties. I also dived the pipelie seekiking salmon - I remember seeing the dark effluent pouring out the diffusers in the milde N to S current.  In this day companies are required to be resonsible and act in a more green manner - i.e. have some thought for the environment and not only the bottom line. The saiccor effluent still blacks out the viz.

I just signed the petition that is sent to the minister of Environmental Affairs - my signature was # 330.

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