Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spearfishing a garrick - getting the fish ultraclose to the speargun

In earlier years I always preferred a long gun that could shot far. In those days I had not mastered getting the fish in close as possible. I remember the Springbok spearo Mike Saunders chatting about fish he had shot and explaining how he had waited till they were very close - I was often amazed at how close he described them coming before he took the shot. He almost never lost a fish and mostly placed shots well as a result of the close approach.

In time I learned to do the same and noticed how I too shifted to use of a shorter gun. I my spearfishing courses I cover techniques to draw in or attract the fish. Check out this clip taken down the barrel of my gun to see how close this garrick comes. Here is a description of the clip from my channel "Gletwynchem".

Diving at Coega Harbour. I try to show how to get really close to the fish, or how to get the fish to come in close. I dive down slow, position well on the bottom and wait for action - I am expecting it as there is a vibe in the water today - viz and depth both about 6m.

My Sony w390 gazes down the barrel of my 1100 Freedivers speargun. Action comes soon - a garrick of about 10 kg approaches, grow curious and turns - I track it from below with... See how close I get the fish to come in...

Later will feature another clip where I take a musselcracker similarly - the spear was not even near out the muzzle after the shot.

To learn more about getting the fish ultraclose to your speartip see my Advanced Spearfishing Course on CD which covers deep diving and fish hunting methods.

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