Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spearfishing Video Clip - Cholking the speargun on a baardman ina cave

Here I demo cholking a speargun in a cave. I was using my Freedivers 1100 reelgun with my camera mounted on the handle. The spot was 8m deep with about 1012 m viz at 17 deg C.

I aim grip the rubbers over the barrel and apply a moderate squeze to impede the rubber's pull. It works well, spining the tassle and preserving my speartip. The weak vibrations were, however, enought to spook the remaining tassles from the cave and it was vacant on the next dive.

The tassle fillets were excellent in a fish curry my wife preapared. Griffin, my 20 month old boy who produced background sound and advice during the filletting is now keen to go to sea on the boat - life gets more interesting - he can watch older brother Zephyr dive. "Family dives" will perhaps be a future activity for me.

Griffin love da Fishes - pressing the eye is important!

Chevonne, my wife, currying the tassle fillets - she did a splendid job

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