Monday, May 30, 2011

Speargun Handle Mounting

I had some request for pics of how I mounted my speargunCam

I welded a 316 grade stainless steel bold 6 mm to a short 316 rod,
then welded the rod to a fat stainless steel screw

Note the screw is turned in at the position where the pin holds the gun's trigger mechanism in place.
I use the nut to secure the camera housing onto the bolt - wing nuts are easier.

My welds (with a stainless steel rod) are not great but they hold.

There is a slight risk of weakening the handle - so far with Freedivers handles I have had no problem on 3 guns - this system is attractive to me in that I simply screw it into the next gun when I need to change - bolting it through would be more secure.

The disadvantage is that if I get a muzzle wrap I could loose the camera - that almost happened once at 32m! Fortunately I was fresh on a variable balast dive and I freed it up in time to loosen the reel.

The gun mount takes a stable clip down the barrel allowing the use of my left hand in heavy surge conditions.

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