Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Revising my static breathhold goal

Over the last few months I have been training a bit ti jack up some of my personal bests in freediving.
One goal was to do a 7 minute dry static. Last week I managed 7 min - a tough hold and rather shaky towards the end.
I plan to train for another two months so I have revised the 7 min to 8 min - that should be challenging - follow me on twitter to see how I train. It is a an experimental approach. Right now I am suffering some mild food poisoning so I will take it slow for the next two days.
In terms of diving - oops I 4-got what that is - the sea has been so crappy lately - I hope to get out for a dive or two in the next while - the weekend looks OK but the flooding here may have taken care of that.


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