Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spearfishing a 20 Kg King Mackerel at Leven Point

I got a mail from John Greenland telling of a nice 20 kg cuda - John this made me green!
Check out this pic of the fish taken at Leven Point:

He was even able to direct me to his youtube channel so I could see it being speared - check it out...

Here is Johns' Description of the hunt:
Cape Vidal in July 2011: Got lucky waiting on a sandy bottom about 20m off the reef. The Cuda (Spanish Mackeral) just came out of the blue and gave me a perfect shot. Managed to break the spine so the fish came in without much fuss. Jo backed me up and kept an eye out for Zambezi (Bull) sharks, but luckily none arrived.

Well done John.

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