Friday, September 30, 2011

How will you fare this spearfishing season? Part 8 of 9

So far we have covered Piet van Rooyen’s equation for success in spearfishing. Here it is again.

S = A + B x C + D + E + F + G

Can you define all the terms yet? (see bottom of post if not)

There is a key aspect I believe he overlooked.

But it is easy to overlook because it is so close. I only became fully aware of it in recent years.

So to alter the equation I would raise the whole right hand side of the equation to the power of m,

where m = mindset.

Mindset is made up of desire x passion to excel + strategy x leverage factor.

m = d x p + s x l

So now the equation looks like this:

S = (A + B x C + D + E + F + G) to the power of m

(here m is raised to the power - blogger does not offer superscript yet)

Raising something to a power is like giving it exponential power – sort of like taking gunpowder and converting it to dynamite.

This is exactly what the “m”- term does.

All the factors in Piet's equation will be running at certain levels but when desire and passion are brought in the spearo tends to get rather obsessed with spearfishing –

he eats it,

he thinks it,

he drinks it,

he dreams it,

he does it,

he takes time off to dive,

he gets up before dawn and into the water before dark,

he comes out the water after dark,

he makes contacts,

he get some success and that spurs him on even more.

The recent spearing of a good fish he took replays itself at night when he tries to sleep, he becomes aware of every shift in the trees and thinks how that wind will affect his next dive, he bunks a few lectures to dive, he rushes through work at a furious pace to free up divetime.

Get the picture?

Piet was aware of the characteristic but left it out of his equation - I remember he said a spearo would delay his wedding to squeeze in a dive!

The equation as it stood before was likely to produce better that average results if the spearo worked on improving all the factors, but it does not explain excessive achievement. We need to include the extra term.

Next and final post on the topic will be on strategy and leverage compnent of mindset.


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