Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Water in PE area

Eventually the crappy viz and cold water "Drought" seems to have been broken. I ate Bonito for supper last night. They show up when the water is warmer and generally clearer.
I went for a dive on Sunday. Down at Beachview the whole are was full of DOlphins such that we had to drive the boat more caustiously as they were all around  - did their ussual about turn to follow for a bit till they lost interest. Needles to say there were very few fish about in that area - dolphins spook them well.
I also saw many humpbacks about slapping the water with the long pecs and some breaching too. Juveniles amonst the adults.
Despite the 17-20 deg C water there were many small poenskop and musselcracker about - most too small to take but a heart warming sight anyway.
I look forward to some good diving over the next few weeks when the weather (and work) let's us get in.


Dolphin1 said...

Do you guys only enter from boat, or do you also swim out from beach or reefs? I recall many years ago at Bengazi reef near St. Lucia, how we would launch from the mussel-covered reef by diving on top of a retreating wave and paddling like hell. Coming out was even more hair-raising, being faced with a sheer rock face, then having to stay at the surface of an ingoing wave, then standing up on the reef once the wave starts receding. Then tow in your float etc... I miss spear fishing.

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