Monday, January 23, 2012

AH! Some decent thermoclines at last

In November and december ther water warmed up a lot - too much for hunting decent reef fish easily. I was at Plett and suffered in my 5 mm suit - too hot and water temperatures went up to 23 on top and 22 degrees at 20 m down.
The thermoclines were not chilly either - 16 deg was the coldest. For good consistent fish action they should be 14 deg down to say 9 deg then the fish come up as the cold water rises and often fish focus on "islands" of reef that jut up into the cold water - those are fun days when you get a buz on the reef and top up you fish crate.
Yesterday I was diving with a pair of fins that were to tight for booties - the chilly water (13/14 deg) below around 10 m was refreshing on my ankles. Interesting to see how few fish were down in the cold - on one spot I sat at 15 m and the fish streamed down from the warm for a look and after about 20-30 sec they departed back up to the more confortable 18 -20 deg above.

I look forward to more diving this late summer and autumn.

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