Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday Spearing - Pic

Took my kids out to sea on saturday even little Griffin who refused to be left at home. Fishing was slow but some small ones came in and even my daughter caught one or two little ones.
Seasickness did no plaue us despite teh swell - I gace them Excellent & expensive seasick tabs (All lies on my side - they were salt tab placebos).
Zeph was not enjoying the fishing and even wanted in in 10 m but I refused and we dropped off sister and little bother and headed off to the slipway where he got a moonie and a butterfish and discovered the "delights" of diving with a floatline - tangles etc.

Later we tried the North wall at the harbour where he saw a massive galjoen, missed many mullet and missed a damba. Next focus in his training is on sitting still on the bottom to await the arrival of the fish.

I got nothing! Yet each fish Zeph takes means more than me getting my own - even if they are... not quite easy to fillet.
One the way home dolphins surrounded the boat just off Hobie and I jumped in to join them while the Zeph and his mate watched them streaming on by.

We ended off with a quick knee-boarding session as the sun set.

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