Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spearos / mercenaries & the demise of Scotsmen

I quite often wonder how we spearos are looked at by outsiders - Say I am sitting a coffee shop enthusiastically telling my Mark and Fanus how my dive went:

"A sneaked up to a rock, a good ambush spot and waited. Soon a German approached and I drilled him between the eyes".

The couple next to us went silent then resorted to whispers.

Then I continue, rather loudly as I had two beer before the coffee:

"Now I saw Dane edging closer, I ducked behind a rock and he got curious - as he peeped around I took him out."

More whispers from the couple next to us, and they ask for the bill.

Fanus, in his loud voice blurts out:

"Ha Gletwyn, I shot a bigger Scotsman than you - remember that time we went to Bird Island."

Now Mark puts in:

"Last time we were at Durban I bliksemmed (struck hard) and Old Woman that was getting in my way, when I was trying to shoot a Roman."

The couple got the bill and overtipped the waitress in their desire to depart.

So we can also talk about bronze bream and hottentot as Hotties, and then there are the Rubberlips with their unmentionable nickname.

So have some fun in crowded places but you may get beaten up!

Check out this nice Scotsman I ambushed. The fish was with two others, I looked to my right and there they were - all three a nice size. They headed off out of sight. I then pulled a new move to bring the fish in. I attracted the fish with my right big toe.

How do you get a fish in with your toe? He was not keen to come in. I was wearing a pair of fins that fit too tightly for booties/socks. So I rubbed my big toe on the sole of the footpocket and it made a croaking sound like a stressed cape salmon and sure enough on of the fish returned and I managed to slip in a shot between the surges of the swell.

The scotty was 5.6 kg - PB for me.

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