Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zephyr breaks the No Fish Barrier

As a spearo dad I often longed for the day my kids would take their first fish. We tried quite often but no success - either no fish or missing the target of spooky water.
Yesteday was a great option for me to go seek out a good fish or two on my spots - clean and calm. I dropped my own goals and took Zeph along for a shore dive.
We kitted up and got into the warm 20 deg water and headed to shark rock (which name I never spoke in case of spooking a learner spearo). Got near and Zeph sped off after a black tail and missed. Next I saw him go off after another fish and he shouted with joy that he got it - spined a small butterfish. Good marksmanship!
Next he took few more shots and missed giving me the opportunity to free the spear from the redbait. I dragged up a pygama shark by the tail for him to look at - he liked that.
Next he set off after black tail and caranteen and missed.
He learned the behavior of musselcracker when a small one hightailed it passed us. On Bird Rock he got a decent blacktail and another butterfish bigger than the first and he even managed to catch a crayfish.
He also learned how strong surge can be and how sneaky blacktail can be when using a crack under the surge for protection. An hour and twenty min later the sun set and we swam back in.
I forsee many shoreentries in the near future!
Tonight we eat the catch!

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