Monday, August 27, 2012

Zephyr dives again and cool phone app

Took my son, Zephur, for a dive - he got 4 fishes (small) - 1 mullet, 2 butter fish and his first zebra. We 4got a floatline so I put a butterfish under my spare belt on the rock but lost it to a gull - luckily Zeph never had a gun or we would have had a dead gull too.

I plan to get him onto CO2 /O2 tables to jack up his holds as he is looking rushed.

I found a cool application for my phone - it is a heart rate monitor that one can down load (called instant heart rate at Azumio .com) - there are plenty free ones -  you can monitor your heart rate (Beat by Beat) during dry apneas. The system uses your camera and torch/flash - the light shines into your finger and the reflected red light changes with each heartbeat so the camera can sense the reflective changes with each heartbeat.


yüksel önder said...

Thank you

Roman from said...

Hello Gletwyn, great job on the blog. I checked out the heart rate monitor app. I like to use iApnea to train out of the water static holds.

Thanks again. I'm looking forward to your next post.