Friday, January 18, 2013

Aha - the rollergun system is available

Back in 1991 I wanted more power per centimeter of speargun barrel. I wanted the rubber to pull all down the length of the barrel instead of a short decaying pull.
So I sacrificed my old roller skates and ground down the wheels to accommodate the rubbers and anchored this rather bulky system on my 1.2 champion speargun.
Tests in the pool with a free spear showed a marked increase in total range. BUT. my rollers were big and interfered with turning the gun, and they rusted so the idea was shelved and made a CO2 gun instead.

Two nights ago at the GullyJumper club committee meeting Chris showed me streamlined equivalent - a vat improvement on mine. Word has it a 1m gun has the range of a 1.4. This is very desirable for maneuverability and getting closer to the fish without tickling it with the long cannon before shooting - i.e. fish spook more easily with long guns.

Chris is selling these adaptors Roller muzzle and rubber that can be used t covert a gun. I am dead keen to try one and relive my old fantasy of the rubber pulling ALL down the barrel.

I will post my findings in due course.

For more info see: Roller Powerhead SA

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