Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First test of roller gun (Roller Powerhead System)

I tested the roller gun I got from Chris on Sunday. It was a Freedivers 1 m with the roller system and 16 mm rubber. I liked that the rubber pulls all the way to the front of the barrel - not the25-30 % wasted as on a normal gun.
I only did one dive with my 1.2 gun and used the 1 m roller gun the rest of the day - evidence that I liked it.

I purposely took a few longer than normal shots and never had any problem with penetration on fish -  actually the spear went right through onto the line a few times. I am quite confident and will fit one onto my 1 meter gun - I am curious to see how it would do with 18 mm rubbers instead of 16 mm. Nice for big fish in dirty water - perhaps on my 80 cm gun.

Yesterday arvie I compared the 1 m roller gun(16 mm rubbers) with my 1 m normal gun (20 mm rubbers). It outshot the conventional gun. The roller gun covered the 9m across the pool and chipped my step tile (that's why it is a chiptile pool). The other guns spear dropped to the pool floor and bounced before reaching the end.

20 years back my cumber some roller gun far outshot a normal gun too and I did a comparative test in clear water. I plant to repeat the test when I can get access to a longer pool with clear water and film it. I will have the gun position and angle constant, and use the same spear on both guns so as to compare apples with apples.

For more info on the roller adaption contact Chris on 071 502 2537 or visit the link below: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roller-Powerhead-SA/360095077421813

p.s. I did 82 freedives of average depth say 12 m so the total distance covered underwater is 82 x 12 x 2 m = 1968 m or 2 km. I wonder how many km I have covered underwater in my carrer - probably a few thousand km. Quite a thought!

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Anonymous said...

would be awesome to see some footage of your rig in action Gletwyn! :)