Friday, February 15, 2013

Roller Powerhead test

Recently I installed a rollerpowerhead onto my 1 m gun. I really like using the 1 m gun but often the range is not suitable in clear water. The roller powerhead appears to be the solution in that it pulls the spear with the rubber right up to muzzle of the gun. This extended range pull will shot the spear faster.

Here I was installing the roller system.

OK now its in. Just need to put on the rubbers - I used 2x 18 mm rubbers and a 7 mm spear.

I tested the Roller powerhead. Proposed vicitm number 1 with my gun was soldier. I actually shot over the top - it was a long shot and either the gun trajectory was flatter or I misaimed.
Proposed victim number 2 was unexpected. I went down to a good spot to find it cold and clean - too clean for a 1 m gun when seeking cracker.
I snuggled into my hideout and scanned the ambush zone - nothing, more nothing, a small hottie, then nothing. By now I was bored but sat out the protocol a little longer, took a last look left; nothing. Surprising for a fast lifted thermocline. Scanned right and prepared to push off. Fjfdsyrk ing Hell! a cracker was running up a gully strait towards me and I was about to trash the ambush with an early pushoff. The head was wide enough to indicate a nice one. I thought that now the roller will be tested. I turned the gun quick before the cracker could see my movement. At about 4.5-5 m it turned and I tilted the gun down a tad to adjust my earlier high shot and squeezed the trigger. Hit - I swam over to confirm penetration on the weakly flapping fish - sure it was through three inches beyond the barb at an angle of 45 deg, through the hard stuff, satisfied with the hold I ascended with my fish.

For more info see this link

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