Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Dive

On Saturday Zeph was pressing dad for a dive while I was testing a  replacement Yamaha for my boat at Swartkops River. The perssistent pestering paid off and it was decided we would go check out the sea despite the large swell. (Hmmm! what monster have I created?)
Anyway, Mom took my youngest off to a party and I was left with Zeph, and his 6 yr-old sister Ateya.
Now, Ateya is fairly good at breath holding in a pool and has done up to a minute underwater, on partial exhale - blowing bubbles amused and distracted her despite disposing of that which she needed.
You can watch here:

I think the day she finds focus she could out dive the lot of us....
The pig-headed little Ateya has been refusing to use a snorkel in the pool and we have had some great fights about this - of course the real need for a snorkel was yet to present itself. sooner that she realized.
We collected the gear and found one of the booties missing and Ateya is using Zephs' handmedown fins that are a bit large, so a brief visit to Mikes Dive Shop saw her acquire a set of small finguards and a new pair of booties.
We got to the Slipway and started getting out the gear - the water was roughish but a dive was possible as evidenced by the two divers exiting the water. Layne greeted us with a superb motivator.

Layne's 14.6 kg MOTIVATOR

I knew I should have brought a gun instead of a camera.

It took a while to get the kids away from the fish and back to the dive. We went out through a good bit of surf for my daughter who need help and I got whacked on the cheek by my lifesaver float. We had nice water on the slipway with a surge and 2.5 m viz at the end of the slipway - no steenies but I only tried once as I had my hands full - Ateya took a shot or two at fish and a shot or two at water.

We headed across towards Shark Rock Pier and Zeph managed to get a butterfish - his cave diving is good now - he took the butterfish front-on. I need to watch him as entanglement is a real possibility, in such surge.

Ateya eventually learned the merits of using a snorkel despite a few daddy-daughter domestics at sea and she lasted 90 minutes before getting too cold. Just try spearfishing without one on a choppy day where looking up at the sky is not an option for a breath-up.
Being ordered out was not to Zeph's liking at all...

We all had a fun outing and it was great for the kids to see a big fish come out rith in the shallows.

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The pictures whoch you have shared are showing that you people had a great weekend dive. Your younger daughter is very much daring and she also tried to take a dive. Thumbs up