Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zephyr's best spearfishing catch

Took Zeph for a dive yesterday. The plan was for him to get one or two fish over a kilo as we would be diving some 4-7 m spots with holes.
The recent waves of cold water sweeping over our coast would sure have brought in some nice fish, and with the cooler water around the fish proved to be back.
We went to a spot where I though he would get a chance with a nice fish - misreading my |GPS we ended up at another spot. Zeph went and sat on the bottom and popped up with a 750 gram soldier - his first.
Next I took Zeph to a cave in 5 m and instructed him to dive - watching from above - despite the sandstorms from the odd large set he went down, half entered the cave and the familiar click of a fired gun indicated he'd shot.  To my delight he came out with a nice bronze bream, his first.

Later he missed a parrot, then he got a small parrot of a kilo or so. For this he dived down into a big cave shot the fish and emerged. I have to watch every dive though to ensure his safety.

Later I took him to a cave where I had success in years go by and sure enough he went down, looked in a cave and shot, he came up very excited exclaiming he shot a huge parrot.  I guessed maybe a 2 kg one. It tangled up and I took it out in two dives (this clean-up work is potentially dangerous - a speared fish can swim around you and anchor you).

The parrot was a nice one - 3.5 kgs and the bream 1.7 kgs.

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