Friday, July 19, 2013

Super Deep Spearfishing Dive! Who else but Trevor Hutton, again.

Check out this unussual spearfishing dive:

I like what he has done with the camera and depth guage.

I have know Trevor for a good few years now and I remember the first time we talked about spearfishing below -50 m. I said variable weight is the way to go. Trevor disagreed strongly. Later we swapped spearfishing and freediving skills on one of his PE visits and I have followed those reccommendations.  Anyway time passed and now I agree that constant ballast best - thanks trevor - The mind shift has been worth it.

Doing that dive in the Cape is a good bit harder than in the clean warm waters where most deep spearing or freediving is done.

I wish you all the best down there in the deep...

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Super deep fishing and free diving is a great adventure that requires more than normal strength. I am surprised by the dive of Trevor Hutton. Good job man! I am simply amazed.